Saturday, 15 November 2014

VigEG Genre3 Delilah - Love You So

ACT: Delilah
TRACK: Love You So 
YEAR: 2014
MAIN AUDIENCE: Male and Female 15-24

I came across this whilst looking at another example from the same director. He works with many mainstream artists and also does a bit of work alongside for L'Oreal.

The video works on a concept and performance basis. And takes already existing footage from various locations and scenes.

There is a lot of performance within the video and this is shown just using a plain background for most. The video is kept fairly simple with a few special effects being used. The effects used do work really well. Some of these include slow motion which is used quite a bit.

There are a series of close up and extreme close up shots.

One of the effects used is this layering effect:

However what I also like is the variety of shots but also the cleanliness of some of the shots that look simple but so well excecuted for example the shot below:

Although I do like the background it must after some time it does start to look a little clinical having said that, i realise this is the look she was going for.

There is also a series of other scenes that are not related making this video performance with concept but could also be argued narrative due to the couple involved but I dont agree.

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