Tuesday, 4 November 2014

CW: VidEG 18 MC 900FT - If I Only Had A Brain

Video Research 4 | MC 900ft Jesus - If I Only Had A Brain

Another video by Spike Jones, again with key points below:
  • Starting, we see, what I would describe as a 'chav', very stereotype look for a dumb teen.
  • He is juxtaposed with what he is doing, reading the newspaper on the porch with a pipe, which is something that you would expect from an old man in a movie.
  • The song's story is started with the finding of an advert for a brain in a newspaper.
  • Inside the package we see the strip of light moving, along with camera shake and also some acting, it mimics the movement of the package.
  • On  the line about being somewhere on a higher mental plane of existence, the box is thrown to a warehouse.
  • Navy looking people come out with clipboards, they are very organised, being in the navy, effectively the antithesis of the person in the box.
  • The box is thrown from a window and we follow it's continued journey. 
  • We see the box getting stolen by a kid.
  • Interestingly, the shots at this point have the singer further back from the camera, making him seem like he has shrunk in the box.
  • the kid sees a quarter and lets the box fall down a hill, something which he ma not have done had he had a brain.
  • We see the box roll by the still confused and lost courier.
  • Manages to stop outside his house and he gets out, looking no more smarter than when he set off.

Start on porch, young chav like person, but juxtaposed with old man activity. Notices ad in paper and seals self in package, where he sings from. Mail man takes packaged the light in the package and his movement s indicate the movement more so then the camera shake. Thrown out at somewhere on a higher mental plane, navy like men surround the box, it travels a complex looks conveyer, navy sped up around him then throw m round, mizza guy has him, dancing forklifts. Follow the box, into ship then to courier then stolen and dumped at other house, then stolen by kid softer being kicked, he seems to have shrunk in the box. The kid takes him away then sees quarter and drops him down a hill, rolls by the courier and down stairs. And to house. Where he gets out. Still just as stupid looking

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