Thursday, 30 October 2014

Timing Sheet

we used a timing sheet to make sure we had collected all the appropriate footage that we wanted. this included all the song lyrics and the times according to them. then we had boxes for notes to add what we wanted on screen at this point.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Instagram Post - Filming Update

So we went out filming and thought it fitting that we take a couple of photos for our Instagram followers so they can keep up to date as to what is happening. However because of how we have marketed ourselves on Instagram ( As A level students who are making a music video to Bad Romance, Who love Lady Gaga) therefore we have aquired a lot of fans who are just willing to see Lady Gaga and are not actually interested in our filming therefore this post only earnt 25 likes, which is still a lot I suppose.

We posted this as a little 'behind the scenes' look at our production. As stated above, this only gathered 25 likes, and so clearly shows that the best way to attract attention from our followers is to share a picture of Gaga. We hope to share more behind the scenes however.

Monday, 27 October 2014

CW: Y10 Creative Arts Evening Brief

This is the video for the Year 10 Artists to based some of their Lady Gaga-esque costumes.

Podcast 4

This is the 4th podcast for our production.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Instagram - Attracting Attention

Since being on instagram less than a week we are already attracting the attention of people in the industry - example below;

Mark Loonen liked one of our photos he is a director and video artist for internation DJ's 

Instagram - Audience Research

Instagram - Audience Research.

I thought it would be a nice idea to take a question out to the gaga fans that follow us on twitter. However as a trial run as I didn't know what numbers to expect back I asked them about Lady Gaga's album with Tony Bennett. As I wanted to see if it was still Gaga fans that were buying it, or whether there had been a shift and the audience had changed.

From the results I managed to collect over a period of 14 hours I found that many 'Little Monsters' had purchased the album even if they didn't like Jazz. However what was noticeable in comparison to our school research is that our target audience for our initial research between the ages of 15 - 24 was maybe too high. Of the research we conducted we found that many were no longer interested in Lady Gaga and her actions. 

When conducting this research I was aware that the people that would be seeing this are fans...but what i wanted to get from this was the AGE of the people interested and wanted to see who the audience was for the new collaborations that have become available. 

Below is my conducted research: 

This is the picture I used to conduct the research 

Explaining what I'd Like them to do in the caption
I left it 14 hours overnight in order for people in America to have a vote. In that time period we got 27 Likes





Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Audience Research 4

Year 12 Audience Research

This is our year 12 research, we had good results from this as there were a few lady gaga fans and even the ones that were not that keen could recognise her and certain tracks. 

Audience Research 3

Year 13 Audience Research 

  • This is middle of the road more or less for our core audience. we thought their knowledge of Lady Gaga was very good. But they struggled to name the albums.

Audience Research 2

Year 11 Audience Research

  • We found that the year 11's were not a lot of help and some did not participate. Because this is on the border of our core audience we aim to find some more information.

Bad Romance Original Video

The Official Lady Gaga Bad Romance Video

VidEG Genre2 Brooke Candy - Opulence

    ACT: Brooke Candy
    TRACK: Opulence 
    YEAR: 2014
    DIRECTOR: Steven Klein
    GENRE: Rap
    MAIN AUDIENCE: Male and Female 15-24

      Comments on the Brooke Candy Video.
      Comments on the Brooke Candy Video.


      There is no relationship between the lyrics and the visuals on screen, however there is mention of her diamonds and bling which of course has been visualised multiple times. 


    The video intro has been taken from the film (The Naked Kiss, 1964, Fuller

    Below are some of the screen shots taken from the opening to the video. 

    Make up from the video 


    The video is performance with narrative. 


    Her performance style is closely linked to that of Lady Gaga with traits from others such as Miley Cyrus. Her performance in this video could be linked with Lady Gagas Alejandro due to them sharing the same director. 


    There is star treatment throughout the video as for most of it Brooke Candy is the only one who stars in it. There is extremely heavy focus on herself throughout the video. 


    there are not many locations used in the video.


    There is a lot of creative and innovative 


    The directors style is very unique, but the titles at the start of the video are characteristics often seen in hip-hop films and R&B. With the large titles filling the screen along with white text on a black background to make it stand out.

    Podcast 3

    Our third podcast

    Covering the following areas:
    • Our audience research plans 
    • What we hope to achieve 
    • Why we think this target audience is suitable

    Monday, 20 October 2014

    Audience Research - Guardian - How To Be A Female Pop Star In 2014

    How To Be A Female Pop Star In 2014

    What this shows us that the media is skewed in a way that prevents women being who they are, they have to follow a certain formula that is liked by all in order to become famous or have a chance in the music industry. It is said that they will not get a job unless they are willing to express their bodies for the viewing pleasure of others - this usually being men which relates back to Laura Mulvey's Theory of Male Gaze.

    This is also caused by the lack of female faces 'behind the scenes' in a music video. Most people at the top of the record industry are male and most of the directors in their music videos are also male, this giving a male skewed view on the industry that arguably promotes the use of women for male audiences due to the explicit material. Which is why there has become a 'backlash' on feminism however has only made matters worse as people are turning their heads in the opposite direction and are saying 'fuller more curvy girls are better' which there has become 2 sides of the aruguement, some which argue that this is a good thing and that the media is wrong to portray women if they get slightly larger, but what this is doing is actively getting girls to join the gym to get larger derrieres which is also creatinvg pressure elsewhere to have this 'new idolised perfect figure'. All this is doing is turning the tables and deflecting the pressure elsewhere. This has also created a bad vibe due to in some songs women being called 'skinny bitches' but then some must ask.... What is wrong with that? The other side of the arguement is that the pressure then falls on the media especially in the fashion industry where models are used which are polar opposite to this new theory. Which many claim is just a trend and a passing phase. 

    Click Here for a link to the page.

    Lady Gaga Meat Dress Intertextuality

    We originally believed that Lady Gaga had created the meat dress from her own initiative. With a stab at the media about women being perceived as meat and a supposed stab at vegetarianism. 

    However with further research into this we found a website that contained a comment at the bottom by a member of the public about the dress. This can be found here.

    This is the comment we found. 

    This is the supposed dress it has been taken from. 
    Lady Gaga's Dress. 

    Sunday, 19 October 2014

    Instagram - Lady Gaga is Our Inspiration

    For this post we thought it would be good to utilise it to achieve more followers, we did this by using the most popular hashtags and by using hashtags familiar to gaga fans! we thought this would be a great way to be able to boost our numbers and fast! We received 45 likes on this post plus Lady Gaga fans asking for follows!!

    We uploaded this picture, and tagged some of our followers who commented frequently in it. This seemed to boost the amount of people liking the photo (though this could arguably be because of it being a picture of Gaga!)

    This is our most successful post to date!

    Friday, 17 October 2014

    Audience Research 1

    Our first audience research;

    • first half is 2 teachers taken from the creative arts department, in our secondary audience 
    • second half is 3 AS media students, in our core audience 

    Lady Gaga Audience Research Questionnaire

    We created a video to show to our target and secondary audiences to clarify our initial target audience to check it is in line with what we intend to produce.

    Thursday, 16 October 2014

    Instagram Progression Post

    Our second Instagram post showcasing our love for Lady Gaga but also showing our progression in researching music videos too! Killing 2 birds with one stone! And on a plus note Gaga fans love a great photo of Gaga herself!

    While researching some of Lady Gaga's music videos, we paused on this frame, we thought this would be worth sharing to let our followers know what we're doing and also because its a fun picture of Gaga herself!

    Wednesday, 15 October 2014

    Target Audience: Initial Outline

    We will undertake further research into this shortly, but for now here is our initial outline of who we think our audience should be for our gaga music video. 

    A typical Lady Gaga fan.

    Gender/Sexuality:  Female/Gay Male

    Age: 15 -24

    Wider Demographics 

    zeitgeisty - spirit of the age

    fashionable/interested in fashion

    Iphone/ recent smartphone


    Radio 1 - Nick Grimshaw


    Instagrammers, Buzzfeeders, Pinterest,


    Gender/Sexuality:  Heterosexual Male (both genders younger and older than core)

    Age: Tween - Early Teen; 24 - 44

    A typical Lady Gaga male fan
    Minor Links Through Femme Fatale - to ABs

    Wider Demographics

    Clickhole, Facebook, Android, Reddit

    A note on ABC1s etc

    ABC1C2DE is used to denote social class and income. For example, broadsheet newspapers and complex and foreign dramas are seen as appealing to ABC1s. By contrast, tabloid newspapers and sitcoms and film genres such as rom-com are considered typical C2DE fare. In rough terms AB equals upper class C1 and C2 are upper and lower middle class and DE working class.

    There are assumptions that the higher up the scale the more intellectual and sophisticated the person is.

    Tuesday, 14 October 2014

    VidEG Genre1 Stay - Rihanna

    ACT: Rihanna
    TRACK: Stay
    YEAR: 2012
    DIRECTOR: Sophie Muller
    GENRE: Pop, R&B
    MAIN AUDIENCE: Male and Female 15-24

    The lyrics have no meaning to the overall visuals but what does come across is the feeling of isolation which is reflected in the song. 



    No  obvious intertextual references. 


    Just a performance video however is set in a bath tub so therefore could be argued that it has a concept behind it. 


    Isolation, a safe video in comparison to her other songs and not as outgoing, however there is still an element of exploration due to her being in a bath tub naked. However the water is cloudy to obscure her nudity.


    There is a lot of star treatment as it is just the two performers shown in the video with Rihanna being the main feature. 


    There is just one slow pace throughout the song and this doesn't change throughout.


    There is a lot of creative shots with a wide range of shot variety.


    There is only 2 locations filmed in this includes a bathroom in which features Mikky Ekko singing at the side of a bath in a separate location from rihanna. Rihanna also stays firmly placed in the bath only changing her position therefore keeping budget down. 


    There are a series of creative shots which feature some interesting angles, others include neither of them some of these include water being splashed. 


    The Director takes many solo female artists, this is who she concentrates on most.

    Monday, 13 October 2014

    Podcast 2

    Our second podcast

    In this podcast we focus on:

    • Common codes and conventions 
    • What difficulties we may face, including costume, character and locations 
    • What we have based our ideas on 

    Friday, 10 October 2014

    A2 Music Video Wider Research

    A2 Wider Music Research;

    I gathered some research from youtube to look for ideas but also to see what competition we would be looking at. From what I conducted these 3 videos were by far the best of what I could find online with the exception of what is created at Ilkley Grammar.

    This is my favourite video available on the web! I love the concept love the style and the edge the costumes and the overall idea is far enough away not to be compared to the original but close enough to have the same effect. I love the editing and the video as a whole comes together really well with the editing style. For me, it makes the video but the camera work and camera angles taken into account are really something due to the shot variation and the steadiness of the camera really add to it.

    Personally not my favourite video but the overall cinematography is very interesting especially the the use of effects and the interesting camera angles. 

    Although there is no performance to this video but there is a very strong narrative, with no lip syncing due to the dubstep music but what it does demonstrate is the variety of options available but we do have drawbacks because of the school and the equipment and software available to us is not as good or as technical as what they have. Although I don't think I will take any ideas from this I love the idea and love the concept but it is impossible to produce something of this standard with the school's budget and equipment available.

    CW: Pitch Video - Lady Gaga's Marry The Night

    This is the pitch for the idea for Lady Gaga's Marry The Night.

    Myself and Conal pitch the idea, then take questions from our teacher.

    The powerpoint we used is here:

    Here are the notes we took during the question time.

    Conal's notes, 2
    Conal's notes, 1
    Conal's notes, 4
    Conal's notes, 3