Tuesday, 4 November 2014

CW: VidEG 17 The Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank

This video, by director Spike Jonze, features a clear narrative to it. I have outlined key points below:
  • Narrative, woman doing gymnastics competion.
  • There is a feeling of following Todorov's narrative formula, as she injures herself, and is helped by her mum arriving
  • Features a different sing before the main song.
  • Video is approx. 1:30 mins longer than song due to the opening
  • Features Slow Moton, which occurs at the same time in the song (with the line 'Who is this...')
  • The performance has clearly been coreagraphed to the song, as it would be in a real competion.
  • The narrative also fits with the song, eg: it is tense during the drum part. 
  • Lots of shot variety. 
  • Also see basic layering involved too. 

First min and half preparing for the recital of some sort, looking worried, coming out and talking to coach, nervous about opponent, performs routine to the music.

Injured then sees mom come in and gets ready to continue, which she does 

Preparing faint classical in back ground, not all too clear as to what she prepares does she enters the ha
L and the music is louder, cynnastics,m watching opponent. She enters and sees someone wave, dad? Getting ready amidst cheers for over getting epl from coach. 

She goes on ready to perform and the track starts. Talky bit seems to walk around and do light tricks, then as it gets going she does the flip, which fins as the crash goes. She does more twils seeing ppponenet looking like whaaaat and coch like come on.moppo is laughing.
 Seeing judges reactions
Who is this sowing this alpha beta, is slow mo, then she starts with the ribbon as it sfin,m tail during the squirrel spin at the woah. Slow mo again at the who is this. Oppo is looks worried and more slow m,o, ends and she goes back having fin a section. Oppo shrugging off nerves,
Triply bit is large jump, she lands a hurts herself.
Drum part she looks round at coach and stuff.
Mum enters and drum slows then music picks up again. 
And she begins again, new found strength, doing leaps very 80s montage such part, fade in and out of her, her, coach, and her. Lands and people sheer as whaww ends, people cheer, still wawws in background. Picture is taken as it ends and we zoom out from it immemorialised in trophy cabinet.

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