Tuesday, 4 November 2014

CW: VidEG 23 Rolling Stones - Like A Rolling Stone

This video was directed by Michel Gondry. Key points, as usual, are listed below:
  • Music video seems to have a lack of narrative, but no storyline.
  • The video features a somewhat unique approach, looks like a bunch of images and morphing between them.
  • The woman is the main focus
  • Rolling Stones are touched upon, almost like cutaway shots, looking at them in a typical manner, CUs where the singer leans into the camera band behind, typical shots from down the guitar and such.
  • The woman seems to be on drugs or drunk, perhaps taken as the way she sees the world.
  • She seems to be in trouble with some sort of mafia.
  • Seems like, while on the subway, she recalls a car ride with a lover?
  • Parts of the story seem to be missing, perhaps they are the parts where she had blacked out?
  • Then she is at a party to finish

Morph like intro, seems to be various images morphing together/frames deleted but movement kept?
Focus on mc jagger and band, 
Seems to follow woman and some bad luck/lost/confusion/drugs
She seems to be pleading with mob boss then falls/is pushed down stairs. She goes to subway has memories of car ride?
Us woken by woman from train. Runs out and into bar? Abusive person?
V. Psycadellic and weird. 
Then at a party?
Strange video...

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