Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Bad Romance Second Life: Cyberspace Impact

Somme Publishing - Women's Sufferage

Horrible Histories - French Revolution

Instagram - Filming!

We thought it would be good to have a shot that didn't just include pictures of Gaga but had a them amongst them. Therefore we thought it fitted to put the Lady Gaga wig on something other than ' Lady Gaga' Our fans loved it and we received roughly 18 likes.

Friday, 26 December 2014

CW: VidEG Genre12 Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

About the Video:

Directed by: Jonas Åkerlund

Track: Paparazzi
Genre: Dance-Pop



Jonas Åkerlund presents a very filmic video, taking heavy inspiration from classic french silent films, particularly in the style of the titles. This video presents a clear storyline, though is something of a concept video, as the story bears little resemblance to the lyrics

Video Synopsis:

The video starts with various artistic shots of a seaside mansion, which leads to gaga and her boyfriend, kissing in bed. They head outside, and kiss on a balcony, there are shots that look to be from a camera, and gaga is pushed from the balcony and is shown falling on a spinning spiral background. there are multiple photographers around her when she has fallen, we then see gaga getting out of a car, she is wearing a costume with what looks like a neck brace on it. she is lifted into a wheelchair and then starts to change clothes. She changes into a gold robotic costumes, and gets up with the help of crutches. the next verse focuses on gaga cavorting on a sofa while singing the song, this is interspersed with images of dead women. She then enters a room with various similarly dressed dancers and dances through this chorus with them. The bridge is made up of shots of gaga in an elevator with flashing lights and one of her great danes. She is back with her boyfriend and starts preparing drinks, putting poison in his. He dies and she calls the police. The final part of the video shows gaga, still hounded by photographers being escorted away by police.


A total of 9 costumes from Gaga in this video. Which appears to be just above average for her.
Costume number 1

Neck brace costume

Metropolis costume

Sofa costume

Cirque du soleil

Elevator costume

Micky-Mouse Costume

Arrested costume

Jail costume


I personally, immediately felt the titles were references to silent films it felt, to me, that it was specifically french silent films, even though i had not seen any film with titles like it.
There are a few intertextual references that I did not notice, but were drawn to my attention through my research.
these include a reference to vertigo, a classic by Alfred Hitchcock, with the spirals and the way in which gaga falls and is rushed to.
There is also a reference to Metropolis, in the metal outfit.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Instagram - Lady Gaga in Elberses' Blockbusters

Elberses' Blockbuster book is highly useful for both our AS work but also now our A2 as we decided to focus on Lady Gaga. Elberse talks about Lady Gagas rise to fame through the work of social media. Which wouldnt not have been available 10 years ago. We thought it would be great to take a photo of this and share it with our own 'little monster' fan base.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

CW: VidEG Genre11 Lady Gaga - Poker Face

About the Video:

Directed by: Ray Kay

Track(s): Poker Face
Genre: Pop


Seemingly standard video from Gaga. The video, much like the song, is fairly risqué, but without being overwhelmingly so.

Video Synopsis:

This video shows gaga as something of a Diva/pop princess, she presents herself as being something of a player, fitting very well with the track and it's lyrics. She is shown at various points dancing with a group of men, and in another, similar shot at the same location she is stood alone, perhaps presenting a view of gaga being backed by men, but standing well independently. When we take this video as being a branding asset for gaga, which for many videos is the case, we are shown gaga as being someone who isn't afraid to use and abuse. The intertextuality at the start shows gaga as building on existing ideas. The video does well to appeal to gaga's growing fanbase, featuring both men and women stripping in a game of poker shows her need to appeal to both the heterosexual male, but also the homosexual male. And similarly with women. gaga is presented as someone the majority of the men at the party want to get with, showing the application of the aspiration and personal indentity side of the Uses and Gratifications theory from Dennis Mcquail. Through the video, Gaga cavorts in various places in varying states of lonelyness, sometimes on her own, and other times with a large crowd around her.


A total of 7 costumes, which is a little low for Gaga. Here's a list:

Black glossy swimsuit
Rather plain black crop top and leggings
Glimmery beaded silver top and gold triangle on face
Pop Culture Glasses
Blue Swimsuit
White swimsuit


There was a significant reference to James Bond as the video started, and gaga left the pool.
From my own experiences I can find no further intertextual references, and research that I have done has not been helpful.

Friday, 19 December 2014

CW: VidEG Genre10 Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. - An Artpop Film

About the Video:

Directed by: Lady Gaga

Track(s): Artpop, Venus, G.U.Y., Manicure
Genre: Pop/Dance



A very filmic video from gaga, combining 4 songs into one video, although not full songs.

Video Synopsis:

The start we see a group of men fighting with each other over a falling cloud of money, they carry bows and there are arrows scattered on the ground, as the men leaven we see Gaga, who has wings and wears a full tight-like suit, she has been shot by an arrow. She has wings which look a lot like the wings from Skellig. we get the title for art pop showing in a similar way to the titles for alejandro. The camer then pans away, to show the men walking off victorious. Gaga starts to rise, building her strength as the song builds. she then falls, unable to continue. we see a helicopter shot and return at sunset, where she begins to rise. and removes the arrow head from herself. Then we see her approach a palace, but fall at its gate. the guards come and help her up. Venus begins as she is carried, like a messiah. venus' title shows on screen like Artpop's, she makes her way by various dancers and gets covered in flower and lowered into a pool, where she is moved away from the edge and pushed under. We go over to the real houswives and cut back for the start of GUY,  where gaga arises from a huddle of people. We see gaga in various places, incuding in front of a rose wall, and in the middle of a room of dancers. after the chorus, gaga is in a pool, and also dancing with various men. She also approaches a popular minecraft youtuber, skydoesminecraft, who uses a computer running something like the game minecraft to ressurect Michael Jackson, Ghandi and Jesus, as they wake we see gaga on a lego sculpture. We then go to another room of dancers, were they all perform a very sexual dance. next gaga enters an office and starts assinating people, replaceing them with the G.U.Y. clones. the video finishes after another dance sequence, with various clones being released into the world.


I have counted 12 costumes in this video. They are:

White Swimsuit

White Bikini

White Goddess

Bear Swimsuit cover

Black Swimsuit

Gold Swimsuit

Leg Body

White Dress

Long Coat

Bejewelled Leotard

Clear/Silver Dress

Red Swimsuit

Topless (Hair Bra)

Topless (Blue Cloth)

In the music video I noted various intertextual references:

  • Skellig
  • Reference to Alejandro's titles
  • Reference to minecraft (video game)
  • Reference to Nathan Sawaya's Yellow
I, personally couldn't pick up any more intertextual references, but noticed the real housewives of beverly hills featured in the video, as did people dressed as Jesus, Ghandi and Michael Jackson. Andy Cohen starred as Zeus and Minecraft Youtuber SkyDoesMinecraft stars in the resurrection scene. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

CW: Idea 2

Inspired by the events of creative arts evening, we have decided to include Mr Sharpe and his fire juggling in the video we are making.

The plan is to present it as a surprise party for Brodie's character, who will be lead there by Charlie, with Gaga covering his eyes, he can then enjoy the specatular display from Mr Sharpe (and hopefully some cake).

We intend to film this on the front lawn of school, where it will be easy to frame the shots to exclude the school and make it feel like a back garden

Below is a preview of the Fire Spinning at Creative Arts Evening

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

CW: VidEG Genre9 Lady Gaga - Alejandro

About The Video:

Directed By: Steven Klein

Track: Alejandro
Genre: Synthpop


One of her more controversial videos, with significant religious references and the involvement of scantily clad men in leather and fishnet tights. This gaga video represents a fatal combination between Gaga and director Steven Klein.

Video Synopsis:

The video starts with various men saluted out and marching in a militaristic manner, this then fades to a shot of gaga, which combines with the sad start of the song. this us combined with shots of the sacred heart being carried, by gaga as part of a funeral parade. We also see a soldier with a golden gun sat on a bed, wearing only his underwear. interestingly the first drop is not reflected in the video's editing. in fact the second drop does not lead to a change in shot. most of the first verse and chorus are made up by cutting between the men dancing and gaga dinging. The next verse and chorus are also centred around two settings, the red nun on the bed and gaga in the bedroom area, with all the men. the bridge is then made up of shots of gaga in the Joan of Arc costume and also Red nun gaga swallowing rosary beads. This leads into the build before the chorus, which is made up of gaga in a studio setting, with men marching around her, the shot fades and pulses with the beat of the song. The drop then leads to shots of gaga dancing with the men in the miltsry bra outfits. The music then mostly stops, and gaga is seen performing in the leather and sunglasses, this is combined with shots of gaga, almost flashback like, through the video, and a man watching riots. There is then a drop, which switches beween two scenes mostly, (studio and the military bra scene) but also leads to the Joan of Arc scene, and the red nun. the end features gaga removing her Joan of Arc costume and a shot coming up the bed of the red nun gaga, which ends with the film burning out, starting from her mouth and eyes.


8 costumes from Gaga in this video, which is seeming to be the lower boundary of the average.
Funeral Clothes


Red latex nun


Joan of Arc

Plain black

Military madonna

Topless underwear and leather jacket


I couldn't find many references to previous texts, aside from the bra with the guns, which reminded me of Madonna and a costume she wore (and also the bra from bad romance). And the end part, with the leather jacket, reminded me slightly of Freddie Mercury. Other references include the sacred heart of jesus and Joan of Arc.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

CW: Performance Idea 1

Having talked to the year 10s, we have decided to swap the idea, to make it feel more Gaga.

Now, we intend on having 3 sections of gaga
  1. The Leader Gaga (LG), this will be the gaga sat in a chair, somewhat like the pimp in the original video. Where the original presented a make ruled world, we intend to subvert this message and present gaga as being the one in control of her actions. LG will sit on her throne, over looking the other gagas. In order to make it easier to film, we shall be using 3 different shots for this, a CU, a MLS HA and a MLS MA. This will mean that we can have 2 tripods set up to film her and her minion people, as well as having a CU to cut to if we want

  2. The Minion Gaga (MG), this will be a group of 5 gagas sat around LGs throne. Some shots will be done as LG then MGs straight after in order to keep the angles the same. However, others will be CUs of the MGs

  3. The 3rd group are the Newspaper Dancing Gagas (DG), there will be around 5 of them, but with scope to include more if needed, these will be singing and dancing to LG.
The costume the DGs will wear can be seen in the images in this powerpoint:

With the wings being worn either by LG or by DG

Upon considering this idea over night, I think having the wings worn by LG would be best, with the large dress worn by either the MGs (most likely) or DGs. The other would 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Podcast 11

In our 11th podcast, we talk about the outcome of our most recent filming sessions and discuss some of our issues we have

You can listen to it here:

This shall be our last update before christmas, look forward to our updates continuing in the new year!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

CW: Summary of Week 8/12

This Week has been so hectic!

We'll be talking about it all in Podcast 11, but long story short, we had some successes and some failures!

Our first session, we filmed at Mrs Pianforini's store. This worked well and we think that the shots are incredibly good, good enough to be involved in the final cut!

However, Charlie unfortunately could not be in Friday, when we were filming her sections of the home scenes, this has caused us to hit a huge block, and we are desperately reorganizing these shoots to compensate for this problem.

Our filming, yesterday, went well, and we are particularly happy with the shots, especially with my Cameo!

Hopefully we can edit these in tomorrow and it will become the product we want.

Instagram - Bradford Filming

We thought it would be cool if we decorated a biscuit for Lady Gaga trying to get into the festive spirit! It seemed to work as Gaga fans loved it as we got 22 likes! it was definitely worth getting cold outside for a day!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Idea 3

We realise that the Hitchcock film Psycho is mentioned in Bad Romance, so we thought it only fitting that we reference it ourselves, I came across this short clip on youtube and i thought it would be a good idea to include the birds in as it was a little quirky like Gaga herself. but also gave a strong reference back to the film.

CW: Moor's Filming

Today we planned to film on the moors, but the weather is horrible!

This means we will either have to rethink the Moors idea or reschedule the shoot.

We have also heard that Charlie is not in today, we're not sure why, but hopefully she will be able to make it to Amber's house in order to film her fighting with Brodie!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Global Gaga Creative Arts Evening

Creative Arts Evening - Catwalk

a video of the catwalk showcasing the dresses on the night of creative arts evening!

CW: Filming at Mrs. Pianforini's

We're very happy with the session we just completed, the shots look good and we made sure to get a superflous amount with multiple angles, to ensure we have what we need in order to edit together a good looking scene.

One thing we did note however, was that Gaga may have the wrong hairstyle when leaving.

Charlie has black hair and when leaving, Gaga has blonde! We're hoping people might think she will go to a salon, as she appears later with the black hair, but this may be relying too much on the audience reading.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Inspirational Videos From Other Schools

We found these on a youtube channel who produce the same content as ourselves but belong to a different school, we thought this would be interesting, not only to learn from their mistakes but to take some inspiration from their ideas. The school seems to be a private school and as a consequence have a lot better equipment than we have. However general ideas is something we hope to replicate.

We liked the overall video for this as although it wasn't lady gaga it does hold some of the same tropes. we really liked some of the studio shoots that had been created, but after some consolidation we realised that there wasn't any outside footage which was pretty much all the same across all the videos. We liked the way the shadows had been created and the visual effect over the top as they were singing, we thought became very effective. Another thing that stood out for us was the lighting in one of the shoots in which the girls were standing in front of a light giving a small silhouetted effect. We thought the splash of colour which was suitably red as the video contained references to murder we thought was clever and also relevant. 

We loved this as it was cheeky and looked like it was fun to shoot. we liked the way in which they had edited it and thought it was very clever how the on screen blend and also the editing had converged into one. we liked the clean white look, and although again it had all been shot in a studio and we thought it lacked other locations what we did like was the way it had been shot. the costumes also added to the 'clean look and feel' with the addition of colour with at first the braces and then later with the splattering of paint powder over everyone.

We liked the relevance of this and took inspiration from the coloured lights with low hue and saturation as well as the addition of a smoke machine. however we also again thought it was lacking in locations. But thought that the overall idea worked well, with the many coloured lights from different forms were used. 

we liked this one for is close up shots, the black and white and for the musician playing on the guitar. however we felt that the other things such as mis en scene mainly costume didn't really work in the context shown. so we learnt from this as well as gained.