Friday, 21 November 2014

VidEG Genre 8 P!nk - U + Ur Hand

ACT: P!nk
TRACK: U + Ur Hand
YEAR: 2006
DIRECTOR: Dave Meyers

We would like to recreate some of the costumes in this video. We liked the way the leather effect has been used here, this is something we would like to recreate. We also like the heavy eye make up as we hope this is something we could take influence from for the bathroom scenes. 

We also like this biker look.

We like this Cruella Deville look as this was based on a femme fatale. The range of close ups combined with the lace add to the effect wanting to be created.

We like the wigs that have been used for example the red one in this, showing a dominating power.  We also like the costume idea however it is a little revealing, however we hope we could tone this down a touch.

This shot is important as it shows that P!nk does not want to be labelled as a slut.

In this shot P!nk is shown to be in a gym working out. This therefore showing off a significant amount of flesh.

We also like the close up in these shots.

We like this as it has intertextuality from i thought snow white and the evil queen... however i might be totally wrong from this!

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