Tuesday, 18 November 2014

VidEG Genre4 Jessie J - Bang Bang

ACT: Jessie J
TRACK: Bang Bang 
YEAR: 2014
DIRECTOR: Hannah Lux Davis
MAIN AUDIENCE: Male and Female 15-24

The song focus's on the empowerment of women. The song features 3 female solo singers, singing individually but also collaboratively. Each has brought their own style to create a video with lots of 'flare'.

 The video opens with the titles of the starts which are going to be featured in the video using bright neon pink font in a bold sans serif font

But mainly to attract a male audience to the video by using male gaze, using provocative poses and close ups. 

There is also a series of shots  in which the 3 solo singers are in shots collaboratively - this is more apparent towards the end of the music video.

This screen shot is a prime example of 'women empowerment' showing the protagonist at the front and in shot with a band of women behind cheering. 

Another example of this would be Nicki Minaj and her rap influences have enabled a certain amount of objectification to women in order to appeal to a male audience. 

For me, personally, i think the video isn't memorable and has no real wow factor, or produces anything that i think would be worthy to include in our own video. However on the contrary they all still pursue their own individual branding which could be argued as being a  advertising themselves as a brand.

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