Tuesday, 4 November 2014

CW: VidEG 22 Oui Oui - La Ville

Video Research 6 | Oui Oui - La Ville

Another video by Michel Gondry, once more key points below:
  • The singer seems to be falling through city then building, repeated patterns/backgrounds.
  • Fish eye lenses and also birds/worms eye views used.
  • Very psychedelic
  • Cars on green giant, perhaps a very deep message on global warming?
  • Chasing plane, maybe wants to escape the psychedelic madness?
  • Still dancing at end, but to different song.

Person fallin to City and through building
Again very psychadellic.,fish eye and areal views.
Big head
Big legs
Pink sludge?
Lots if singers in person in floor with clones.
Chasing plane.
Walking round with heavy shoes
Cars on Green giant
Still dancing to a different radio song at end.
Strange and very psycadellic.

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  1. Heres a few videos for you to perhaps look at, they're mentioned in a chapter on madonna in the money for nothing book

    Britney: baby one more time
    Britney: Toxic

    Britney took the same/similar path of madonna, baby one more times show thes the 'catholic schoolgirl sexual-fantasy' to the 'final stage in the sexualisation of spears' but it also 'hits up every cliche of the john woo/john frankenheimer school of international intrigue films' (this is all on page 195 of the book,well worth checking it out!