Tuesday, 4 November 2014

CW: VidEG 20 Madonna - Frozen

After watching some of Chris Cunningham's other work, this video very much stands out. The video is mostly performance, where as previous work by the director featured concept heavy elements, often the other work seemed to reflect a short film as opposed to a music video. In the video for apex twin's windowlicker,

Maddonna frozen:
Start barren land
Mad flying singing to camera while looking down
Silk flys to her
Looks upset
Falls into crows
Fly away
 And she's back with the crows though and also some others of her
Very cold video, fitting the song
Maddonna herself planned on the mystical side of it, and such
Transforms into dog
Lists of moving round with the cloak, light dark, maddonna the angel of death
Black liquid sucked up
Has Henna tattoos
Multiple mads, all have the smooth flowing movement, suggests Hindu sort of feelings

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