Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Digipak - Self Editing Green Screen

Unfortunately before leaving to go on the school break i forgot to edit the green screen out myself using Final Cut Pro X. So, I had the unfortunate task of editing out the green myself in Photoshop CS6. I found a tutorial on youtube of the most effective way to do this, however i was pre - warned it could go wrong... which it did. Althought it got most of it out it did leave a mark all the way around the image which i had to edit out. This took A LOT more time than planned!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Digipak Conventions

Today I have been researching into digipak conventions, within this i have noticed a wide range of different examples to what different artists have done. There are many recurring conventions such as: 

On the front:

Linkin Park
  • Artist name - usually takes prime place somewhere usually in the centre
  • Title - usually takes secondary spot on the front but can have different locations depending on the artist
  • On the front there is usually a sticker advertising bonus tracks or DVD
  • There is usaully some correlation between the front and the back panels on the digipak

On the back:

Linkin Park
  • Barcode - on the digipak is usually on the back in the right hand corner
  • Website - for the artist is usually somewhere near the bottom either centre, right or left hand side
  • Copyright information - on the back of the album in a small font
  • Track listings are usually shown on the left hand side. 
  • Bonus DVD and CD details are usually displayed underneath the track listings
  • Record label - displayed at the bottom

On the inside:
  • Increasingly on the inside we have noticed that social media and QR codes take up some space on the left inside panel. This could include; Facebook, twitter, and Instagram with a QR code to the website. This is especially important to us because Lady Gaga uses this often to interact with her fans online, she also built her career based on her social media following and has a record number of twitter followers who she calls her 'little monsters'
  •  There is usually some correlation between the inside panels 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Digipak - Black And White - Potential Final Image

With a little more editing I feel this could be my final piece for the front panel of my digipak

Digipak - Black And White Newspaper - Tidy Up

I have been neatening up this image in photoshop. 

CW: Rough Cut 2

Here is the second rough cut for Bad Romance.

I think I have managed to replace charlie in almost all shots she was in. I just need to fill in the spaces for the dancing, performing and also add in some extra greenscreen. The busking also needs to be added, but there is a lot of uneeded/unwanted footage around the good parts.

Digipak - Black And White Development

Lady Gaga Development 

Digipak - Black And White Development Using Smudge Tool

Another development using the smudge tool around the edges to create a more even finish

Add caption

DIgipak - Black and White Multiply Effect On Layers

Today I edited this picture using the same editing steps as seen in a previous blog post.

Digipak - Lady Gaga In Colour - Development

Developments made for this image. 

Digipak - Full Colour With Multiply Effect On Layers

Photoshop edit this was created by turning the pieces of newspaper into black and white, adding them to the hair and then using the side bar to select Multiply instead of the default of Pass Through. 

Multiply effect 
layer selection - Multiply

layer selection (default) 

Digipak - Colour with Newspaper Hair

Photoshop edit of newspaper hair with coloured background 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Digipak - Polygon Tutorial For Inside Panel

I thought I saw a lady gaga picture with this sort of idea so I found a tutorial on youtube.

This is where my idea came from

Max Headroom 


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Digipak - Newspaper Lady Gaga Draft

Digipak - First Draft

My first draft of my digipak

Black And White Dry Brush Draft

Digipak - Lady Gaga Front Panel Draft

Another draft

Front Panel further draft

Digipak - Lady Gaga Newspaper In Progress 3

Today I thought that I would try to create the image with what I thought would save me time and effort but turned out to take even longer than planned! However through this i have learnt from it and hope that when i redraft I will provide something that looks even better!

My problem was that in the video you are told to select all the different tones in the photo and place them into different groups ( In which I could have upwards of 40) and then add the pieces of newspaper however as you can imagine this takes a severe amount of effort, and a severely good eye and memory to remember which bits you have selected and which you haven't because as yet I haven't found a method to do this. Then you must add the newspaper pieces which causes a lot of stress and not knowing what on earth you are doing half the time!

So last night when I couldn't sleep I planned to add all the pieces of newspaper as I selected them, so I could tell which bits I had done and which I hadn't. However through progression the more I clicked on certain areas i.e. my face the more it highlighted the words on the newspaper. So unfortunately I had to stop.

Front Panel draft with jacket left originally 

Digipak - Newspaper In Progress 2

Although not finished exactly, I thought it would be better to upload it anyway as previously mentioned in my last post I thought it would be a good idea to experiment with uninvited newspaper cuttings.

further progression with front panel of digipak 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Digipak - Lady Gaga Newspaper In Progress

Today I have started edited the front panel of the digipak, using and adding my own newspaper cutting. I have also changed most pieces of newspaper into black and white using the Ctrl Shift U shortcut and inverted them by then using the shortcut Ctrl I Although I think the inverted hair looks AMAZING as well as the inverted piece over my face I do believe a lot of detailing is lost in the process. Especially on the jacket and on the rest of my body. Therefore in the next edit I hope to use just black and white newspaper rather than it being inverted as well.

Partial edit of the front panel

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Digipak - 3D Effect In Photoshop

Today I thought i would try a 3D effect to see how it would look for the possibility of using it on the inside panel of the digipak. However I'm glad the effect didn't take long to do as I am not as thrilled with it as I hoped. Although it was an official tutorial made by Photoshop it was not as easy to navigate as it was 'Homemade' videos.

My 3D effect 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Digipak - Front Panel Edit 1

I found a video on youtube with a tutorial which explained how to take a regular image and transform into cut outs of newspaper.


Experimenting with the front panel

Digipak Ideas 4 - Title Change

Originally we had Black Rose as our working title however reviewing comments from our instagram followers and looking again at both the Guns n' Roses and Christina Aguilera, I wanted to keep some link with the theme of fame (The Fame Monster etc) so ... 

Scandal Us!!!!! 

3 Connotations:

Its a play on scandalous which is how she is often perceived 
Its demonstrated the fan base and the little monsters. 
The word could also be signified as a play on word in teen speak giving a command to Gaga to 'Scandal them' 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Friday, 13 March 2015

Digipak - Photoshoot

Today I took a series of photos for the digipak, I took them on a green screen so they would be easy to edit out in Final Cut Pro X before transferring them into photoshop to hopefully create the newspaper effect!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Digipak Ideas 3 - Xtina Influence?

Ive been looking at the sleeve for Christina Aguilera's Stripped, and i think i will take a similar approach to the framing of my front and rear digipak sleeve. Within this i have taken lots of images in which i will use a long shot for the front and a 2/3 CU shot for the rear. Within this i will also incorporate the use of black and white to signify the newspaper but also keeping the red lips to stay with theme.

photos i have taken 

front and rear panel

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Digipak Example1 - Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster

I found this whilst scrolling through Amazon, This seems to be a fairly old one due to The Fame being released in the summer of 2008. I love the inside! it is something that I hope that we can recreate or at least take some strong inspiration from! The contrasting black and white is SO striking! Plus the photos inside just add to the effect created.

Rear panel

Inside panels

Inside panels

Front panel

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

CW: New Plan And Ideas

Having suffered multiple setbacks, we are now planning on filming on Wednesday the 4th of march.

We plan to film:
Greenscreen footage, to place onto a Facebook page, of both Amber singing and have some shots of her applying for the #GlobalGaga video, this will then be placed onto a Facebook page and we will show Paige and Brodie scrolling through it and looking at the performance clip. The performance clip will be something of a preview for a show that Amber's character is doing.

We also plan to film Paige and Brodie in a cafe, I think this will include Amber stalking them, perhaps sat behind them or in the immediate vicinity hiding behind a newspaper. I plan to film this in the Media Museums cafe.

We will also film in the media museum, to get similar shots as we had with charlie, so we can replaces Charlie's parts with Paige.