Friday, 8 May 2015

Magazine Ad: Research Into 2 Main Magazines

We have researched two appropriate options for our campaign to be included in. For this we chose:
  • Heat 
This is due to the following demographics taken from their website:

Heat magazine is an accurate representation of our overall package and campaign as it provides us with the 15 - 24 age bracket which is what our target audience is. Although according to the YouGov demographics this is slightly out of our reach as Lady Gaga is usually aimed at C2DE profile.

Below is the Ad prices:

Although prices are very high in heat magazine, due to it being a popular 'chat and gossip' magazine we would like to produce a full page ad for this. As it is on our target audience and we feel this magazine would aid us in providing wide spread coverage.

On the other hand we have chosen to also look at Q magazine, although slightly older we think this would be good due to the fact that it ties in with our secondary target audience which spans over 2 age ranges - ranging from 25 - 44 we think this is good, especially to advertise our tour as we feel it is most likely going to be adults buying tickets to see Lady Gaga on tour for the teenagers than the teens buying it themselves. Therefore advertising it in here could potentially provide more revenue. Also Q reader has a heavy rock influence so we have designed a specific poster that would be directly influenced to incorporate the rock theme.

Although prices in Q magazine are not as expensive we do think that it would only be neccessary to have a half page horizontal. This is because it is not our main target audience.

This is the image we hope to use in Q magazine.


  1. The graphics aren't enough; you need to actually explain your reasoning! Be explicit in terms of your stated primary + secondary auds
    If you haven't already, either in this post or a separate one set out how your campaign is tailored to target those auds - material which can go str8 into Evals and really helps with securing top R+P audience marks. You should be briefly explaining too which you rejected and why; single screenshot for each you do.
    Would Gaga's machine really go for ONE woman's mag? I doubt it!!! More = easier to justify meeting full aud range
    You also have made no mention of whether you'd always go for full page; SOME reflection on the options available would be useful, even if to basically say you'd stick with full page. Have a quick look back at Curtis' + maybe 1 of the Atomic Kitten 2014 blogs for ideas
    You could do this as a short vid, or Prezi, or even ... and embedded PowerPoint! It'd be useful to have particular fragments of ads highlighted, and PowerPoint or FCPX are maybe quicker for that than going thru Pshop and generating lots of new jpgs? Or, set up new A4 Pshop docs, import and downsize the ads and write around them, using arrows? You could also incorporate aud feedback summaries this way - could be quickest way to achieve this, and speed up Evals?
    Also: include hyperlinks for these SPECIFIC pages!!! EG:

    Bottom line, the more you do which directly benefits Eval the better. Hope that all makes sense

  2. at last!!! don't you have other comments to publish?!
    as part of your final aud feedback you could also do a very basic, informal survey of what mag/s teens (ideally including some younger - Yr11s and below, into the tween/early teen secondary aud) would read. by v basic I mean with camera or smartphone just ask and record. you could focus on Heat maybe - I'm sure many teens from 13-19 will read that, but you can investigate by asking a few!