Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mag Ads: Final (all ads)

This is our first teaser ad. however we think we will prefer to have the QR code in the hair instead of the bum because it looks a little out of place.

We have now decided to place the QR code within the hair to still keep the same look that is happening with the newspaper. We will be asking our instagram followers which they think is best.

We chose this image as a teaser Ad that could possibly feature in Attitude Magazine which is aimed at a predominantly homosexual audience specifically the Pink Pound. This is very relative to Lady Gaga as she started her career in gay clubs.

We thought this would look better as a teaser ad in a magazine such as Q as it is very minimal but doesn't shout female due to colours been kept similar. The direct gaze as well links to goodwins theory of the 6 stages in a music video and one of them being 'looking'. This is another tie in within the music video 

We thought this teaser ad would be good in Q magazine, as it is dark and myseterious as well as being unusual and edgy

We think this magazine ad would work better in Cosmopolitan due to the bright colours, this image integrates many of our texts which provides a theme and consistancy

We think this would work for the target of cosmopolitan although it is bright many people seemed to like the brightness

We thought this would be a good image to use to target our audience in Q magazine. As it provides a certain amount of detail with the hair, but is kept simple and sophisticated and therefore is morelikely to attract an older audience, therefore targeting our secondary target audience. We chose a simple colour as well as using black and white in the QR code to keep the design minimalistic and stylish. The featured text has been coloured the various shades from the exact colours within the hair, using the eye dropper tool. 

This is the 2nd draft of the main ad

We hope to provide 2 alternative final main magazine ads. As from audience feedback many people when asked to choose between them gave very mixed responses depending on age and gender.

We think this magazine would look best in Heat Magazine as this is targeting our primary female audience and from audience feedback they seem to like this image more than the plain one 

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