Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Magazine Ad: Draft 2 - Rock Inspiration For Q Magazine

We thought this would be a good image to use to target our audience in Q magazine. As it provides a certain amount of detail with the hair, but is kept simple and sophisticated and therefore is morelikely to attract an older audience, therefore targeting our secondary target audience. We chose a simple colour as well as using black and white in the QR code to keep the design minimalistic and stylish. The featured text has been coloured the various shades from the exact colours within the hair, using the eye dropper tool.


  1. 1: Difficult to follow what's what here, as you're not providing any context with written points alongside images
    2. Similarly, post titles could be more helpful

  2. 3. Like this bar the QR placing. Would it work on her forehead, reduced opacity so fairly subtle?

  3. 4. Alongside the images, you need to have clear guidance on WHY Q - info on their audience, easily accessible from their website, AND some guide to the semiotics that you think are more older male suited