Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Evaluation Question 2

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  1. 1: You've done multiple videos. Incorporate these as well below your final cut, just making sure to use large sub-headings to identify Final Cut etc!!!!
    2. You ARE able to directly answer the Q!!! But, you are 'pointing out' that such texts would not necessarily be so tightly integrated (and need just 1 e.g. to show so)
    3. Aud too brief, not used 'primary' or gender!!!
    4. Heat - again, no mention of gender
    5. Font/lipstick - feminine not feminist. You've got to make sure when you make a point like this you're CLEARLY linking it to 1 or both of the other texts; that isn't clear so far
    6. Scandal Us and an actual BANNED video...

    You need to be much clearer on how, on any particular point you raise, there are links between the 3 texts. You're dashing from point to point without really completing or thinking through any of them.
    Take the lipstick; this could be part of a theme of FEMININE SIGNIFIERS; the newspaper and scandal elements another (NEWSPAPER + SCANDAL)...