Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Magazine Ad: Draft 1

We think this magazine ad would work better in Cosmopolitan due to the bright colours, this image integrates many of our texts which provides a theme and consistancy

We think this would work for the target of cosmopolitan although it is bright many people seemed to like the brightness


  1. 8. Fine as is. See work Ben has done adding all their rough cuts (use his links list), with text to clearly explain changes:

  2. 9. In conclusion, some of these need minor tweaks, but the bigger issues are: lack of even basic explanation of sequencing (so there's no clear overall sense of a campaign), audience/s and magazine/s, changes between drafts, description/analysis of semiotic strategies. Potentially a simply superb overall campaign with this sorted - much of the text I refer to will feed straight into Evals and firm up R+P marks, which should help!