Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Instagram - Final Follow Numbers

For the final time we check our instagram! How lovely its been! Loved every minute! Spoke to some lovely people all willing to help us from all around the world!


  1. Murphy's Law indeed. Map out (list) what you need with pen+paper, and tick off as you go.
    Q1 For example, you could (try to) complete dpak + mag ad 'research' (conventions vodcast), simply compile the images you want to use to illustrate each point in WMM or whatever (or do as a blog post - big sub-headings for each convention - either way you'd copy this straight into Eval Q1 and simply add relevant bits of how you did/n't use conventions, with brief consideration of any alterations you might have made in retrospect as part of a summary. IF you think you NEED more polish then do what you can tmoro with this, but you'll maybe be fine with even a basic free/shareware video editor.
    Q3, yes its adding feedback (and BRIEF response to this) to relevant draft posts, but for Eval Q3 EITHER simply assemble all as a single clip and then edit in response/reflection OR make pen+paper notes and look for themes/big recurrent issues and then note your response. Try, sniffles and all, to work in some web 2.0/audience theory!
    Q4, start with listing major print tools, then edit techniques within these. Then note which you've already got screenshots/recordings of on blog. DO NOT TRY TO BE COMPREHENSIVE. DO NOT GO THROUGH every EDIT TECHNIQUE/TOOL. Do a fairly comprehensive LIST but illustrate A FEW. As new media in the Eval itself is part of this, visually evidence whatever crap editor you're using at home! (likewise screen recorder)

    If you can hold back the panic you can do this. I'm tackling 4 tasks for tomorrow each of which really need a few days - keeping moderately calm (and well hydrated, short breaks/catnaps) is the key. I shall now have a drink of strawberry/grape juice I've diluted with water!