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VidEG 2 Professor Green - Read All About It

ACT: Professor Green
TRACK: Read All About It
YEAR: 2011
DIRECTOR: Unknown 
GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap 
MAIN AUDIENCE: Male and Female 15-24

  • The video begins with a five-year old boy (in the same situation Professor Green was in at that age) staring at his step-mother working and his younger half-sister playing. The child's step-mother realises that her step-son is outside staring inside the house, she then calls the child's father. Later on in the video you can see the boy's father talking to someone on the phone (probably the boy's mother). Later the child goes upstairs into what appears to be his old room and damages many things (such as pictures). His father catches him and his step-mother screams at him, the child also screams back. In the end he puts his hands on his ears and closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a warehouse. 
  • Then he sees Professor Green entering through the front door. The video also shows Professor Green rapping outside the warehouse against a background clouds lit by the setting sun, as well as Emeli Sandé singing in the rain at night. The song responds to accusations made by his stepmother that his debut album, Alive Till I'm Dead was "cashing-in" on his death.
  • There is star treatment but not as much as there would be in a Pop Video, although centred around his life and in what he describes as an autobiographical song, there is less as it shows him in a younger state which could be classed either way as star treatment.
  • Although most of his work is Rap wikipedia labels this song as R&B and Hip Hop, unlike most of his rapping this song features no objectification of women which is seen in almost all Rap Videos. As this is a common characteristic and representation. However what is brought across is the the messages of overcoming the troubles although they still haunt him which is explored through the content of the video which matches up to the song itself. This is also shown by Emeli Sande singing alone at night in the rain which would normally be seen as vulnerable but she has been portrayed as being strong and independent.


The links between the visuals and the lyrics are very strong, as it guides you though the narrative using the lyrics. The song is very autobiographical and reflects this through the narrative up until present day. 


Genre representation is not what we would normally expect with the genres being R&B and Rap. As there is no objectification of women. And actually represents the opposite showing Emeli Sande as being a strong independent woman. 


non that I am aware of. 


There is an element of performance where Professor Green and Emeli Sande are shown in a barn/warehouse singing however this is also shown with the use of a narrative. 


performance style shows there is no dancing involved but carries a heavy story line which is the main feature of the story.


Although there is an element of star treatment, its not as heavy depending on which view you take it... firstly if you include professor green as a young child as part of the star treatment its very heavy however if you don't and just include him as himself present day he takes a very back seat in the video. 


There is a variation in pace and the tempo itself is fairly slow at the beginning, which switches to a faster tempo as the music progresses. 


There is a variety of shot variety with some more interesting shots with interesting and creative points of view. 


The video was filmed in 2 locations.


There is a variety of shot variety with some more interesting shots with interesting and creative points of view.

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