Saturday, 16 August 2014

VidEG 6 Avicii - Wake Me Up

ACT: Josh Kumra
TRACK: Wake Me Up
YEAR: 2013
DIRECTOR: Unknown 
GENRE: EDM, Folktronica
MAIN AUDIENCE: Male and Female 15-24

  • The song is a mix of EDM, Soul and Folktronika which is a different move from what Avicii is well known for. The narrative relates closely to the video which shows 2 girls being isolated from a group, until one runs away on horseback to find who she is more suited to be with as they have marks on their body which separatre them from their local community until she finds people who she is alike. 
  • The lyrics talk about how you should follow your heart and find a path. 
  • There is no real objectification of women except maybe a low cut top but its hard to compare to others due to its diverse sound. However what can be noticed is the amount of women being used and in the begininng they are shown to be inferior this being created through camera angles and point of view shots. 
  • Product placement and advertising for Sony Xperia phones.

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