Monday, 18 August 2014

VidEG 8 Flo Rida - Good Feeling

ACT: Flo Rida
TRACK: Good Feeling
YEAR: 2011
DIRECTOR: Unknown 
GENRE: Dance, Pop 
MAIN AUDIENCE: Male and Female 15-24

  •  The song features Flo Rida on a journey using various modes of transport across a city with the first opening lines featuring a panoramic view of the city whilst he is stood on top of a building. Some of the lyrics do match the narrative but it is more about how he has become someone new than anything.
  • Therefore promoting the themes of having a good time and having a party. 
  • The video does use some subtle product placement with the use of headphones and an iPad mini with him rapping on the screen whilst he is holding it up to create an effect. - This I thought was innovative and different from the other songs and videos that also represent this type of music. 
  • As with many rappers there is some very brief scenes of women being objectified as this is a common theme across most rap songs.
  • And with scenes in clubs which are also common with a lot of electronic and dance songs.
  • I am also a fan of the ending which includes lots of pictures that are tiled which then change saturation of black out completely in order to create an image of himself within them.  
  • There is strong star treatment  however there are others included in the video although the main focus is him.

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