Monday, 18 August 2014

VidEG 7 The Vamps - Can We Dance

ACT: The Vamps
TRACK: Can We Dance
YEAR: 2013
DIRECTOR: Unknown 
MAIN AUDIENCE:  Female 11-24

  • The song is based on teenage awkwardness and a house party, during and then the aftermath of cleaning up by getting fans on twitter to help and parents coming home after finding the video of the events on Youtube. This shows how social media is being utilised in videos as well as virally by bands and artists to connect with fans.  Also the use of product placement with juice, computers, clothing and cereal.
  • There is a strong link between the lyrics in the song and the narrative which is based because of the strong pop background. The lyrics and narrative mostly relate to love, party and having a good time which are the themes in almost all pop songs. 
  • Star treatment is a big part in the video as there is only one main singer, the others sing and play music but there is much more focus on one than the rest of the band, which to me seems abit unfair when you call the collaboration a band. 
  • The girls are represented not in an obscene way but there are subtle references to short skirts, low cut tops, with perfect hair. Relating to the typical cheerleader type, as well as the guys looking the typical jock type.

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