Saturday, 16 August 2014

VidEG 5 Little Me - Little Mix

ACT: Little Mix
TRACK: Little Me
YEAR: 2013
DIRECTOR: Unknown 
MAIN AUDIENCE: Female 9-20

  • The narrative shows little mix singing about what they'd say to their younger selves, given the chance to go back. they say that they would encourage them to speak up and stand tall. And to not worry about the little things that make you upset when you're young. This is reflected very strongly with people taking part in the video from the beginning talking about what they'd like to do in the future, as the song progresses it shows older women talking how they have been affected.
  • The song does not objectitfy women in the same way as in a rap it might but there are subtle suggestions that are noticeable such as some of the lower cut tops however overall because of the age range being lower and aimed at a tween audience they have to be subtly used. 
  • The overall effect with them being in what looks like a deralict building with graffiti, textured walls and rubbish on the floor adds to the film showing indirectly you can become a pop star regardless of your background. 
  • I like the black and white effect used and the variety of shots from all the members as well as when they are all together towards the end, as they have gone from being 'vunerable' and on their own at the start to joining together and making ' girl power ' showing that women can be strong and independant. 
  • The song does have a slight R&B vibe which has been created due to the lyrics and the girl ' independance ' theme and how they have overcome their troubles however the can also be related extremely closely with their genre of pop

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