Thursday, 30 April 2015

Magazine Ad: Teaser 1


  1. ALWAYS include your thinking/rationale; outline how you've signified your preferred reading. I like this; if you can think of some backgound layer/s, and IF this will work with the additional key elements for a main ad (product shot, tour dates, text on dpak contents, URLs/social media icons/QR code..), you've got the foundation of your main ad
    These images are quite simply brilliant, so why not exploit them for the main?

  2. Oh...and the different font: also great. The L/y form a heart shape, and lipstick style, on top of the handwritten style (uses and gratifications theory...)

  3. By the way, pick a pic and share with Gaga - seriously, you never know; imagine if LG (her asst.) shared it. Worth a try - no loss - its great stuff