Friday, 3 April 2015

Digipak: Inner Panel Right Hand Side Complete

This is my finished Warhol piece for the inner right hand side panel of the digipak

To create this look I took a series of steps and followed 2 different tutorials. One initially to make the Warhol style and then another to make the grid and using the different colours and placing them all together.

This process started by

selecting the image
choosing a new layer turning it white and placing it underneath the background layer to make it the new later the background layer.


  1. maybe an idea to use a different image for the facing inner panel?

  2. rem that warhol did soup cans, a banana...the rose would work well?

  3. Consider closely the very fitting, but deceptively layered semiotics of the pose: the hand on the chin; the hand to the hair; the direct gaze; the open mouth; the unnatural skin colouring (as, with the lipstick and maybe eyeliner, the key colour components) - you can convincingly argue you're catering for multiple audiences if you draw out the multiple readings/layers of the character (and you do need that step back; that isn't you but rather a Gaga simulacra). If struggling with that we can discuss it next week