Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Digipak - Second Draft

Here is my second draft of our digipak


  1. You've BOTH (share this with CW) got to make sure you include with all drafts:
    1: details AND EXPLANATIONS/SEMIOTICS of any changes/additions - including being clear on intertextualities!!! (Q1: Conventions, exam...)
    2: role of aud feedback if any
    3: either with the post or in one soon after ... aud feedback
    4: illustrated detail of any (new/different) 'technology' used

    The more you leave that, the more it builds up

    As this is nearly finished, bar lyrics booklet, lets prioritise: font choice/front design (including sticker!!!!); complete range of logos (front + back); spine details; mention of DVD on rear; URLs on rear

  2. Plus - can you crop the wewow branding/text!!!