Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Digipak: Inner Panel - Andy Warhol Complete

The final stage in the process to create the Andy Warhol effect


  1. With a few minor quibbles, LOVE IT! Its quite disconcerting, and the direct gaze, very ambivalent (polysemic!), is very fitting. Alongside the 60s Warhol element, you've achieved a look not unlike a video game character - something Gaga is bound to turn to at some point? The open mouth is a sexual signifier, achieving a touch of edge without crossing any lines or harming your tween appeal.
    Now, quibbles and suggestions: its highly likely you can restore the cropped right edge, tho' in the frid format you may not need to; needs some minor touching up on loose strand of hair and top on the right generally; top centre and top left there are little bumps which may well be accurate but a smoother finish would be better; a little bit of cloning on the left arm to get rid of black spots. That's it - great stuff!!!!

  2. Now for suggestions, for mag ads: work on a series of teasers, as discussed - incorporating imagery you might also use within lyric booklet (black roses etc). We'd discussed a slightly edgy teaser with a QR code; you could develop intertextuality (with a gay icon) into this - see GMichael pic in
    You could also do a teaser, with narrative enigma key to all, with a police mug shot, using side or rear head shot, blending B+W/sepia with Warholian colour? Google 'police mug shot template'. Composition wise, the digipak is essentially sorted - crack on and no more delays in adding in ALL the fine details and actually getting the pieces in place. Think carefully about what the QR codes will point to in mag ads. One main, complex, layered main ad with a strong set of teasers should be enough for 10/10, tho of course I'll need to view/judge actual texts!
    Lets get to see full texts please, and hopefully the video is taking on equally strong shape!!!

  3. oh haven't given ANY indication as to the specific difference between these stages, nor the tools/tweaks used - screenshots/screen recordings here would obviously go directly into Eval too...
    Get str8 onto aud feedback too - sooner you get full drafts posted sooner (and more) aud feedback you'll have to get cracking with aud feedback Eval Q...
    And...update the Influences links list (a very useful addition) accordingly!