Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Target Audience: Initial Outline

We will undertake further research into this shortly, but for now here is our initial outline of who we think our audience should be for our gaga music video. 

A typical Lady Gaga fan.

Gender/Sexuality:  Female/Gay Male

Age: 15 -24

Wider Demographics 

zeitgeisty - spirit of the age

fashionable/interested in fashion

Iphone/ recent smartphone


Radio 1 - Nick Grimshaw


Instagrammers, Buzzfeeders, Pinterest,


Gender/Sexuality:  Heterosexual Male (both genders younger and older than core)

Age: Tween - Early Teen; 24 - 44

A typical Lady Gaga male fan
Minor Links Through Femme Fatale - to ABs

Wider Demographics

Clickhole, Facebook, Android, Reddit

A note on ABC1s etc

ABC1C2DE is used to denote social class and income. For example, broadsheet newspapers and complex and foreign dramas are seen as appealing to ABC1s. By contrast, tabloid newspapers and sitcoms and film genres such as rom-com are considered typical C2DE fare. In rough terms AB equals upper class C1 and C2 are upper and lower middle class and DE working class.

There are assumptions that the higher up the scale the more intellectual and sophisticated the person is.

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