Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Instagram - Audience Research

Instagram - Audience Research.

I thought it would be a nice idea to take a question out to the gaga fans that follow us on twitter. However as a trial run as I didn't know what numbers to expect back I asked them about Lady Gaga's album with Tony Bennett. As I wanted to see if it was still Gaga fans that were buying it, or whether there had been a shift and the audience had changed.

From the results I managed to collect over a period of 14 hours I found that many 'Little Monsters' had purchased the album even if they didn't like Jazz. However what was noticeable in comparison to our school research is that our target audience for our initial research between the ages of 15 - 24 was maybe too high. Of the research we conducted we found that many were no longer interested in Lady Gaga and her actions. 

When conducting this research I was aware that the people that would be seeing this are fans...but what i wanted to get from this was the AGE of the people interested and wanted to see who the audience was for the new collaborations that have become available. 

Below is my conducted research: 

This is the picture I used to conduct the research 

Explaining what I'd Like them to do in the caption
I left it 14 hours overnight in order for people in America to have a vote. In that time period we got 27 Likes





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  1. LOVIBG this and the post above too - this is EXACTLY what I want to see! Its not artificial, it is real world engagement with/utilisation of audience through social media; with audience and use of technology both key factors in R+P plus Eval, this will help. Not so sure about the conclusion though - looks to me like you were getting hits from 15-24s as well as younger teens? MAYBE widen slightly to take in younger (13/14) but leave tweens as secondary? Great work