Friday, 10 October 2014

A2 Music Video Wider Research

A2 Wider Music Research;

I gathered some research from youtube to look for ideas but also to see what competition we would be looking at. From what I conducted these 3 videos were by far the best of what I could find online with the exception of what is created at Ilkley Grammar.

This is my favourite video available on the web! I love the concept love the style and the edge the costumes and the overall idea is far enough away not to be compared to the original but close enough to have the same effect. I love the editing and the video as a whole comes together really well with the editing style. For me, it makes the video but the camera work and camera angles taken into account are really something due to the shot variation and the steadiness of the camera really add to it.

Personally not my favourite video but the overall cinematography is very interesting especially the the use of effects and the interesting camera angles. 

Although there is no performance to this video but there is a very strong narrative, with no lip syncing due to the dubstep music but what it does demonstrate is the variety of options available but we do have drawbacks because of the school and the equipment and software available to us is not as good or as technical as what they have. Although I don't think I will take any ideas from this I love the idea and love the concept but it is impossible to produce something of this standard with the school's budget and equipment available.

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  1. Might have already said this? (but I'm not seeing my comments getting published - that needs to be sorted out) 1: add a link to the channel (+identify school) these come from 2: HIGHLIGHT, in this and any post you're looking at examples, PARTICULAR POINTS OF POSSIBLE INFLUENCE (sub-heading: Possible Influences/Ideas For Our Video)
    As with some other, otherwise useful, posts what's also missing here is some precision in denoting the media language that has sparked your interest. What precise editing style/elements? Is it mise-en-scene (what: hair, costume/s, location/s, make-up...) etc etc
    If you can identify precise techniques, approaches, ideas, you can then better apply some of these, and the summary, near the top of such posts, makes it easier to look back and remind YOUrself, never mind me/examiner!