Thursday, 9 October 2014

Applying Theory To Our Chosen Idea

Applying Theories:

David Gauntlett - Audience Studies:
  • The notion of 'audience' is collapsing as people become producers as well as consumers in media.

Rick Altman - Audience Pleasures:
  • Emotional Pleasures: The emotional pleasures offered to audiences of genre films are particularly significant when they generate a strong audience response. 
  • Visceral Pleasures: Visceral pleasures are 'gut' responses and are defined by how the film's stylistic construction elicits a physical effect upon its audience. This can be a feeling of revulsion, kinetic speed or a 'roller coaster ride'  
  • Intellectual Puzzles: Certain film genres such as the thriller or 'whodunit' offer the pleasure in trying to unravel a mystery or a puzzle. Pleasure is derived from deciphering the plot and forecasting the end or the being surprised by the unexpected.

Dan Gillmor - The Former Audience:
  • Gillmor famously wrote of '' the former audience'', to reinforce his argument that the notion of a passive audience is gone. 'They are no longer the passive masses, athey have the tools to challenge traditional media and create media for themselves'.

David Gauntlett proclaims that the notion of the audience no longer exsists and is therefore collapsing due to the birth of Web 2.0 which allows the auudience to create content . this is usually made through fan based videos or UGC (user generated content), which is blurring the lines between producer and audience. this is also backed by Gillmor who also argues that passive audience has gone. To further this, Lady Gaga has created her own lyric video when her song applause was leaked. As a consequence, no music video was ready for the single so Gaga made a video herself at a drag queen club which featured  some of her fans. What this demonstrates is that today, in a digital age it is possible to create videos of producer standard easily with little material. 

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