Monday, 20 October 2014

Audience Research - Guardian - How To Be A Female Pop Star In 2014

How To Be A Female Pop Star In 2014

What this shows us that the media is skewed in a way that prevents women being who they are, they have to follow a certain formula that is liked by all in order to become famous or have a chance in the music industry. It is said that they will not get a job unless they are willing to express their bodies for the viewing pleasure of others - this usually being men which relates back to Laura Mulvey's Theory of Male Gaze.

This is also caused by the lack of female faces 'behind the scenes' in a music video. Most people at the top of the record industry are male and most of the directors in their music videos are also male, this giving a male skewed view on the industry that arguably promotes the use of women for male audiences due to the explicit material. Which is why there has become a 'backlash' on feminism however has only made matters worse as people are turning their heads in the opposite direction and are saying 'fuller more curvy girls are better' which there has become 2 sides of the aruguement, some which argue that this is a good thing and that the media is wrong to portray women if they get slightly larger, but what this is doing is actively getting girls to join the gym to get larger derrieres which is also creatinvg pressure elsewhere to have this 'new idolised perfect figure'. All this is doing is turning the tables and deflecting the pressure elsewhere. This has also created a bad vibe due to in some songs women being called 'skinny bitches' but then some must ask.... What is wrong with that? The other side of the arguement is that the pressure then falls on the media especially in the fashion industry where models are used which are polar opposite to this new theory. Which many claim is just a trend and a passing phase. 

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