Tuesday, 16 December 2014

CW: Performance Idea 1

Having talked to the year 10s, we have decided to swap the idea, to make it feel more Gaga.

Now, we intend on having 3 sections of gaga
  1. The Leader Gaga (LG), this will be the gaga sat in a chair, somewhat like the pimp in the original video. Where the original presented a make ruled world, we intend to subvert this message and present gaga as being the one in control of her actions. LG will sit on her throne, over looking the other gagas. In order to make it easier to film, we shall be using 3 different shots for this, a CU, a MLS HA and a MLS MA. This will mean that we can have 2 tripods set up to film her and her minion people, as well as having a CU to cut to if we want

  2. The Minion Gaga (MG), this will be a group of 5 gagas sat around LGs throne. Some shots will be done as LG then MGs straight after in order to keep the angles the same. However, others will be CUs of the MGs

  3. The 3rd group are the Newspaper Dancing Gagas (DG), there will be around 5 of them, but with scope to include more if needed, these will be singing and dancing to LG.
The costume the DGs will wear can be seen in the images in this powerpoint:

With the wings being worn either by LG or by DG

Upon considering this idea over night, I think having the wings worn by LG would be best, with the large dress worn by either the MGs (most likely) or DGs. The other would 

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