Friday, 19 December 2014

CW: VidEG Genre10 Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. - An Artpop Film

About the Video:

Directed by: Lady Gaga

Track(s): Artpop, Venus, G.U.Y., Manicure
Genre: Pop/Dance



A very filmic video from gaga, combining 4 songs into one video, although not full songs.

Video Synopsis:

The start we see a group of men fighting with each other over a falling cloud of money, they carry bows and there are arrows scattered on the ground, as the men leaven we see Gaga, who has wings and wears a full tight-like suit, she has been shot by an arrow. She has wings which look a lot like the wings from Skellig. we get the title for art pop showing in a similar way to the titles for alejandro. The camer then pans away, to show the men walking off victorious. Gaga starts to rise, building her strength as the song builds. she then falls, unable to continue. we see a helicopter shot and return at sunset, where she begins to rise. and removes the arrow head from herself. Then we see her approach a palace, but fall at its gate. the guards come and help her up. Venus begins as she is carried, like a messiah. venus' title shows on screen like Artpop's, she makes her way by various dancers and gets covered in flower and lowered into a pool, where she is moved away from the edge and pushed under. We go over to the real houswives and cut back for the start of GUY,  where gaga arises from a huddle of people. We see gaga in various places, incuding in front of a rose wall, and in the middle of a room of dancers. after the chorus, gaga is in a pool, and also dancing with various men. She also approaches a popular minecraft youtuber, skydoesminecraft, who uses a computer running something like the game minecraft to ressurect Michael Jackson, Ghandi and Jesus, as they wake we see gaga on a lego sculpture. We then go to another room of dancers, were they all perform a very sexual dance. next gaga enters an office and starts assinating people, replaceing them with the G.U.Y. clones. the video finishes after another dance sequence, with various clones being released into the world.


I have counted 12 costumes in this video. They are:

White Swimsuit

White Bikini

White Goddess

Bear Swimsuit cover

Black Swimsuit

Gold Swimsuit

Leg Body

White Dress

Long Coat

Bejewelled Leotard

Clear/Silver Dress

Red Swimsuit

Topless (Hair Bra)

Topless (Blue Cloth)

In the music video I noted various intertextual references:

  • Skellig
  • Reference to Alejandro's titles
  • Reference to minecraft (video game)
  • Reference to Nathan Sawaya's Yellow
I, personally couldn't pick up any more intertextual references, but noticed the real housewives of beverly hills featured in the video, as did people dressed as Jesus, Ghandi and Michael Jackson. Andy Cohen starred as Zeus and Minecraft Youtuber SkyDoesMinecraft stars in the resurrection scene. 

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