Friday, 26 December 2014

CW: VidEG Genre12 Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

About the Video:

Directed by: Jonas Åkerlund

Track: Paparazzi
Genre: Dance-Pop



Jonas Åkerlund presents a very filmic video, taking heavy inspiration from classic french silent films, particularly in the style of the titles. This video presents a clear storyline, though is something of a concept video, as the story bears little resemblance to the lyrics

Video Synopsis:

The video starts with various artistic shots of a seaside mansion, which leads to gaga and her boyfriend, kissing in bed. They head outside, and kiss on a balcony, there are shots that look to be from a camera, and gaga is pushed from the balcony and is shown falling on a spinning spiral background. there are multiple photographers around her when she has fallen, we then see gaga getting out of a car, she is wearing a costume with what looks like a neck brace on it. she is lifted into a wheelchair and then starts to change clothes. She changes into a gold robotic costumes, and gets up with the help of crutches. the next verse focuses on gaga cavorting on a sofa while singing the song, this is interspersed with images of dead women. She then enters a room with various similarly dressed dancers and dances through this chorus with them. The bridge is made up of shots of gaga in an elevator with flashing lights and one of her great danes. She is back with her boyfriend and starts preparing drinks, putting poison in his. He dies and she calls the police. The final part of the video shows gaga, still hounded by photographers being escorted away by police.


A total of 9 costumes from Gaga in this video. Which appears to be just above average for her.
Costume number 1

Neck brace costume

Metropolis costume

Sofa costume

Cirque du soleil

Elevator costume

Micky-Mouse Costume

Arrested costume

Jail costume


I personally, immediately felt the titles were references to silent films it felt, to me, that it was specifically french silent films, even though i had not seen any film with titles like it.
There are a few intertextual references that I did not notice, but were drawn to my attention through my research.
these include a reference to vertigo, a classic by Alfred Hitchcock, with the spirals and the way in which gaga falls and is rushed to.
There is also a reference to Metropolis, in the metal outfit.

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