Saturday, 20 December 2014

CW: VidEG Genre11 Lady Gaga - Poker Face

About the Video:

Directed by: Ray Kay

Track(s): Poker Face
Genre: Pop


Seemingly standard video from Gaga. The video, much like the song, is fairly risqué, but without being overwhelmingly so.

Video Synopsis:

This video shows gaga as something of a Diva/pop princess, she presents herself as being something of a player, fitting very well with the track and it's lyrics. She is shown at various points dancing with a group of men, and in another, similar shot at the same location she is stood alone, perhaps presenting a view of gaga being backed by men, but standing well independently. When we take this video as being a branding asset for gaga, which for many videos is the case, we are shown gaga as being someone who isn't afraid to use and abuse. The intertextuality at the start shows gaga as building on existing ideas. The video does well to appeal to gaga's growing fanbase, featuring both men and women stripping in a game of poker shows her need to appeal to both the heterosexual male, but also the homosexual male. And similarly with women. gaga is presented as someone the majority of the men at the party want to get with, showing the application of the aspiration and personal indentity side of the Uses and Gratifications theory from Dennis Mcquail. Through the video, Gaga cavorts in various places in varying states of lonelyness, sometimes on her own, and other times with a large crowd around her.


A total of 7 costumes, which is a little low for Gaga. Here's a list:

Black glossy swimsuit
Rather plain black crop top and leggings
Glimmery beaded silver top and gold triangle on face
Pop Culture Glasses
Blue Swimsuit
White swimsuit


There was a significant reference to James Bond as the video started, and gaga left the pool.
From my own experiences I can find no further intertextual references, and research that I have done has not been helpful.

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