Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Inspirational Videos From Other Schools

We found these on a youtube channel who produce the same content as ourselves but belong to a different school, we thought this would be interesting, not only to learn from their mistakes but to take some inspiration from their ideas. The school seems to be a private school and as a consequence have a lot better equipment than we have. However general ideas is something we hope to replicate.

We liked the overall video for this as although it wasn't lady gaga it does hold some of the same tropes. we really liked some of the studio shoots that had been created, but after some consolidation we realised that there wasn't any outside footage which was pretty much all the same across all the videos. We liked the way the shadows had been created and the visual effect over the top as they were singing, we thought became very effective. Another thing that stood out for us was the lighting in one of the shoots in which the girls were standing in front of a light giving a small silhouetted effect. We thought the splash of colour which was suitably red as the video contained references to murder we thought was clever and also relevant. 

We loved this as it was cheeky and looked like it was fun to shoot. we liked the way in which they had edited it and thought it was very clever how the on screen blend and also the editing had converged into one. we liked the clean white look, and although again it had all been shot in a studio and we thought it lacked other locations what we did like was the way it had been shot. the costumes also added to the 'clean look and feel' with the addition of colour with at first the braces and then later with the splattering of paint powder over everyone.

We liked the relevance of this and took inspiration from the coloured lights with low hue and saturation as well as the addition of a smoke machine. however we also again thought it was lacking in locations. But thought that the overall idea worked well, with the many coloured lights from different forms were used. 

we liked this one for is close up shots, the black and white and for the musician playing on the guitar. however we felt that the other things such as mis en scene mainly costume didn't really work in the context shown. so we learnt from this as well as gained.


  1. too many/too much 'TBC' at this stage!!! The hard work is done here in getting specific screenshots

  2. not on this post, but you def need sev more update posts on production progress, schedule changes, changed dates for shoots/cancellations - LOG it all!!!!