Thursday, 15 January 2015

YouGov Profiles - Lady Gaga

This research has been taken from YouGov which is an internet market research firm. The picture below are not necessarily the results we were expecting in some aspects i.e. the age, however after looking in to the website with more depth we realised that they only interview people over 18 therefore it is unlikely that we would get results from a young teenage audience, however we did expect it to therefore be slightly younger for the age range 18 - 24, but after a short discussion we concluded that this was due to the parents being a fan of the music as the children/ teenagers listen to it. And as the children were not old enough to take part, it came down to the parents to be the fans of this. Therefore we have argued that we do have a secondary audience which is of the ages between 40 - 59.

This gives an overall impression of the person who is likely to listen to Lady Gaga

This can also include hobbies and other interests

And also how they would describe themselves

Where they shop and what brands they consume

Including entertainment and celebrities they may follow

This includes their digital footprint of what websites and apps they are most likely to use

This also gives an idea as to how long and what types of media they are likely to consume

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  1. whilst challenging your primary aud (I agree with some of your analysis why this shouldn't change this), doesn't it at least help evidence there IS an older 2ndary aud????