Friday, 9 January 2015

VidEG Genre13 Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Born This Way was lady gagas song to show the world that she was famous but could put it to good use by using the song lyrics from born this way to voice her opinions to show that it doesnt matter who you are, what colour your skin is, who you love it is irrelevant so embrace it as 'you were born this way'. In this way as is clear from our audience research she has recieved a lot of fans from around the world but also attract many gay, bi, and transexual fans. It is argued that Gaga feels that she owes it to these people as it is them who got her career first off the ground when she started singing in gay clubs.

The Unicorn is tattooed onto her thigh to symbolise born this way

Skeleton Make up

Skeleton Make up

Micheal Jackson Reference with the white gloves

Intertextual refernce to Sinead o'connor

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