Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Our 5th Shoot

In our 5th shoot we chose to film it at my house. We chose the lounge as this had a couple of items that we worthy to us. This included a taxidermy puffin.

As we were aware in Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960) that there was use of taxidermy birds. We plan to film later in our next shoot using taxidermy owls.

We situated Gaga in a leather bucket chair as this felt best de to the use of leather in a lot of her videos, we like a bucked shape as it would be easy to manoeuvre but also good for gaga to position herself.

Below is a clip from youtube from Pyscho (Hitchcock,1960) This is where we got our inspiration from. 


  1. google 'psycho parlour scene analysis' and you'll find images you can (MUST!) use, but also analysis to help you with the semiotics involved

  2. presumably there will be shots of the actual lounge in question, not just these objects?!