Friday, 9 January 2015

Lady Gaga's Online/Cultural Footprint

The ingenuity of Lady Gaga's marketing perhaps best exemplifies the impact and potential of digitisation, one of the core case studies in Elberse's 'Blockbusters'(2013). This instance success has been fuelled by Lady Gaga's fans who she calls her 'Little Monsters'. and her strong bond with them continues to fuel this in her ongoing success and brand values. 

This can also be signified by her statistical success as follows: 

Statistical Information - Link

Number Of Number 1s

Lady Gaga's Official YouTube Channel, which has over 700,000 Subscribers

Lady Gaga's Official Twitter Page, which has over 43M Followers 

A tweet from a fan that Lady Gaga retweeted 
A dedicated fan, this shows the extent and the sheer loyalty to her followers

Lady Gaga's Official Facebook Page, which she has 67M Likes

Lady Gaga's Official Instagram, which she has nearly 5M Followers
Lady Gaga's Official Vevo Page, Which she has 5.5M Followers 

Most followed accounts on Twitter

Link to the website 

Lady Gaga's own fanbased website

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  1. Given the artist, quite an important topic, but you've whizzed over it with a superficial post. detail on Twitter/Inst(Etc) followers/her activity; number of fansites; ranking/trending in google searches/tweets etc etc? Her VEVO channel? Egs of the scale of the UGC she attracts?