Thursday, 19 March 2015

Digipak - Lady Gaga Newspaper In Progress 3

Today I thought that I would try to create the image with what I thought would save me time and effort but turned out to take even longer than planned! However through this i have learnt from it and hope that when i redraft I will provide something that looks even better!

My problem was that in the video you are told to select all the different tones in the photo and place them into different groups ( In which I could have upwards of 40) and then add the pieces of newspaper however as you can imagine this takes a severe amount of effort, and a severely good eye and memory to remember which bits you have selected and which you haven't because as yet I haven't found a method to do this. Then you must add the newspaper pieces which causes a lot of stress and not knowing what on earth you are doing half the time!

So last night when I couldn't sleep I planned to add all the pieces of newspaper as I selected them, so I could tell which bits I had done and which I hadn't. However through progression the more I clicked on certain areas i.e. my face the more it highlighted the words on the newspaper. So unfortunately I had to stop.

Front Panel draft with jacket left originally 

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