Tuesday, 3 March 2015

CW: New Plan And Ideas

Having suffered multiple setbacks, we are now planning on filming on Wednesday the 4th of march.

We plan to film:
Greenscreen footage, to place onto a Facebook page, of both Amber singing and have some shots of her applying for the #GlobalGaga video, this will then be placed onto a Facebook page and we will show Paige and Brodie scrolling through it and looking at the performance clip. The performance clip will be something of a preview for a show that Amber's character is doing.

We also plan to film Paige and Brodie in a cafe, I think this will include Amber stalking them, perhaps sat behind them or in the immediate vicinity hiding behind a newspaper. I plan to film this in the Media Museums cafe.

We will also film in the media museum, to get similar shots as we had with charlie, so we can replaces Charlie's parts with Paige.

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