Thursday, 26 March 2015

Digipak Conventions

Today I have been researching into digipak conventions, within this i have noticed a wide range of different examples to what different artists have done. There are many recurring conventions such as: 

On the front:

Linkin Park
  • Artist name - usually takes prime place somewhere usually in the centre
  • Title - usually takes secondary spot on the front but can have different locations depending on the artist
  • On the front there is usually a sticker advertising bonus tracks or DVD
  • There is usaully some correlation between the front and the back panels on the digipak

On the back:

Linkin Park
  • Barcode - on the digipak is usually on the back in the right hand corner
  • Website - for the artist is usually somewhere near the bottom either centre, right or left hand side
  • Copyright information - on the back of the album in a small font
  • Track listings are usually shown on the left hand side. 
  • Bonus DVD and CD details are usually displayed underneath the track listings
  • Record label - displayed at the bottom

On the inside:
  • Increasingly on the inside we have noticed that social media and QR codes take up some space on the left inside panel. This could include; Facebook, twitter, and Instagram with a QR code to the website. This is especially important to us because Lady Gaga uses this often to interact with her fans online, she also built her career based on her social media following and has a record number of twitter followers who she calls her 'little monsters'
  •  There is usually some correlation between the inside panels 

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