Monday, 9 February 2015

Magazine Ad Ideas 1

For this we have a few ideas based on the scene involved in our music video.

Within this we hope to use the black roses used in the film as a teaser image of them just on their own. Placing this on a white background, in a vase using a picture frame as the QR code.

We also hope to be able to use an old guitar case with the guitar on the side as another teaser ad. As the guitar has many sticks on it we hope to be able to use the guitar case as a background and add a QR code to look like it is one of the stickers.

There is also the possibility of using Lady Gagas wig to take up the full frame and incorporating something into the frame in order to entice the audience.

We hope to be able to use the 'Room to Rent' idea to create a teaser ad too, by possibly using different currency to show Lady Gagas Internationalism and also to be able to use the QR code too.

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