Monday, 9 February 2015

Digipak Ideas 1

Digipak ideas so far:

we hope to use a 6 panel horizontal template incorporating a lyrics booklet. - We hope to use a white background for the front and the rear. This would therefore use a CD and a DVD.

From this we hope to create 2 versions - changing the font and rear panel and maybe using some form of colour distortion on the interior. We hope to combine this with a running theme from the back to the front with the possibility of using the same idea - possibly rotated etc for the front and rear panel.

For this we would like:

  • Lady Gaga on the front of a dining room chair facing the camera. And for the rear of the digipak Lady Gagas wig for the back of the cover and blending the lyrics into her hair. 
  • A classified ad - a room to rent for viral #globalgaga - scanning newspaper to overlay our work. This could also work for a magazine ad. 
  • There could be a scrapbook idea on the inside panels of lady gaga 'travels' around the world. 
We think an OST (Original Sound Track) would work best for this and produce it as if we have made a movie out of it. 

We also think ideas involving the paper dresses could have some potential input. Using the front and the back of the dresses. this would also be good for the inside panels as we could use ripped newspaper revealing the photos or text underneath. We could also use a cut out of the dress and replace it with song titles. 

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