Tuesday, 16 September 2014

CW: Paparazzi Idea

I made some notes, mostly for my own benefit, of an idea I had for a video based on Gaga's Papparazzi. However, I have also made a more comprehensive video/anamatic, which details my idea clearer than the notes do.


Continuing the development of this idea, I was thinking of adding further performance displays, this could be implemented through, on the 'stalker wall', or on the lens of the camera, a preview of which I will implement onto this blog. Another potential idea, would be to include the performance in the reflection of windows.
Having also looked at C&Cs of other videos, I think that the inclusion of a diegetic intro or outro may work well. I have realised that there could be a slightly filmic way to do this video, which I feel would work well and be interesting to trial.


Yet more thoughts on this; towards the end, post gf death, have her approach the guy, who is not in focus, then follow around her to the side of her, have him walk by an be followed by gaze, then have her be at the death point, perhaps with out changing her position [see NCIS Gibbs someones dead, kate?], this would then lead to her approaching him and pushing and then turning and falling at win't stop? baby there no other? for kill, or the papa, have fall during the little beat part, then turn and fall for the last papa? then include diegetic outro of waking to para then picture of him for flash end?

KEY POINTS for own sake:
Lens, how do?(die/post)
Spin, how do?(gs/die)

emphasis on happy couple. Jealousy, so green it featured colour on singer, while the guy and gal have pink and blue with yellows, pastel colours rather than otherwise, happiness and him and her. 
Instagram shots with narrow DoF and the like her laughing, holding hands, general couple stuff.
Singer meanwhile watches this, the presence is constant but sly in each shot, she seems to be at the back of shots, out of focus more than she in in shot and focus. Ie, she looks to be window shopping as they look at trinkets she is seen (just) staring at her laughing almost envious, she is seen eating chips with mallice, scoffing with each passing gimmick. The couple never notice her, and the camera should not be drawn to her in a unnatural way, they could get up and go and it could be left with what seems to be an accidentally too long clip with a second of focus on singer. She is only seen lip syncing while the couple aren't there, the idea being that the escalation of her stalking is tied to the escalation of her singing with them. Could be started as shots on similar, but not the same places. Up to same places, diff angles. Then to same places, diff times. Up to same places, same time, non interaction. Finally to interacting.

She is taking pictures of them

Key point at which interacting starts it when she kills her. This is the pivotal moment, her plan is in action and she must act quick. Singing the song in the same woods, he goes ahead as she ties shoelace, he's getting a nice PHOTO, killed as approached and pushed with lyrics sing, blurry and maybe blocked by light. She apporaches, only one on screen, with light from behind. As we find the gf there she blocks the light. This connotes the feeling that she sees herself as the angel  when she is the devil. She pushes her and the shot is less clear, the light unblocked, this is a heavenly act something like Abraham's sacrifice (perhaps see a sheep/lamb?), it's been done under god's wishes, she kills to prove she is worthy to be with him. he's just done the photo and turns, she is there looking desperate, we do not see it but he's worried, let's down his guard and runs infront of her pushing her away. She has venom, and blocks the sun once more. Return to the scene, (no sheep) and he is leaning and is heartbroken. She knows what is to be done, he will not be hers, so she pushes him too. At this point she knows what she has done. We see he is falling, and he lands, as he does, this causes the camera to go off, with a flash, that then embraces the screen with white. She (falls?) in and into this white. She seems to have passed over too, but as the song finishes, and she sees them, we return with a start, it's paramedics, she survived by landing on him. To her his last act was one of love to her, clearly happy, she rolls over, and song goes. (Alt. She is woken by a paramedic, who looks like him, and we are left to belive this begins again.)

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