Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Applying Stuart Hall's Reading to Beastie Boys Sabotage

Applying Stuart Hall's theory of preferred reading, because of my age I am unable to understand some of the intertextual references of this. Therefore when watching a music video such as Beastie Boys Sabotage (1994, Spike Jonze) I don't understand what is going on, which in turn turns my reading from preferred to oppositional because the preferred reading is misunderstood.

The video is based on 80's cop drama or American 80's cop films. Since I was born in the 90's I don't remember this so I found it hard to link between the 2 making my reading oppositional than preferred.


  1. Both of you need to stop adding in the read more break - and take them out from all posts; the exam board stipulate that all must be readable without needing to click through
    I do that sometimes because I've often got huge posts rammed with multimedia, but you shouldn't, at least not for your coursework blog
    watch the spelling too: proffered? 'mis understood'? wee bit careless!
    Post title: 'Halls'?
    Try to put track titles (ditto film titles) in Italics, and generally, as with films, provide (director, year) too
    100% encourage posts like this though: ANY time you can see/grasp an application of ANY theory we cover, blog on it - that helps you remember and understand it, with practice of actually writing about it too

  2. I've already said this, and told you to take out all previous uses: DON'T use the read more tool!!!
    No need for the huge chunk of white space either!
    Also...its good practice to highlight terminology/academic names in bold/pink (or any colour you'll use routinely), as I generally do. Then there are tags...
    We'll be applying Q1B MANGeR theories as we go, so you can start a links list: Applying Media Theories to Our Idea. Share this with Conal please