Thursday, 3 July 2014

Judas Blog Notes

Blog Judas Notes

bedsheet for gaga and bike
2-3 people with eyeliner and wig fro close up
tinsel for thorns.
stick lipstick to gun and use perspective
bandanna red from con and black from sir
extras can be in black or similar
involve a recognisable 'celeb cameo'

9/7 Gaga costumes
-purple with cloak and crown on bike and outside saloon (for start)
-red bikini thing outside saloon
-black bandanna and leather jacket and trousers
-blue veil thing (mary magdaline) and blue leather and black trousers
-edwardian style (with makeup and such)
-cardinal richelieu.bishop of bath and wells (all black and streak of red, priest outfit, cross and head thing)
-yellow hair mermaidish outfit thin dress
-tights and crop top (d Schineder)
-white freak doll costume/lily allen alice in wonderland shoes bride of christ

- bikes and leather jackets helmets/bandannas
- boots, gloves and sunglasses
- black trousers and cut offs
gaga in purple robe shades, bright yellow and wind effect in hair on back of jesus' bike.
Green screen? wind effect in hair (conal's air bed and hairdryers, chance for comedy)
36 second diegetic intro
gaga crown, bejewelled
flat cap with tinsel, instead of thorns?

outside saloon/car park
bikes are parked up
people dressed up in biblical era things, mc hammer style trousers.
(comes on with gaga in red sheet and bikini?) flesh coloured body suit and stick bikini on
semi topless guy in sheet, shorts and bikini top
crosses on bikini top
people wearing tumblers (army ugg hybrid)

church as club 'electro chapel'
bar tables and stool (and bar itself)
judas (walking dead guy) key recurring character

alley way/car park/village square
urban and gritty michael jackson bad thing
hanging lights (and halogens)
she is stoned and dies to finish


cage place/prison

bathtub (in club)
judas drinks beer from cans, gaga washes feet of jesus
judas pours in gaga
in a monestry

gun=phallic object in psychoanalysis, gender symbolism

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